December 12, 2016


The crowd at Adelaide hall was buzzing late Friday night. The venue was packed for a sold out show and I could tell everyone in the room was just as excited for Toronto’s very own Wild Rivers to take the stage as I was. Upon first hearing their song “Already Gone” and discovering their soothing, yet upbeat indie sound, I was hooked. I knew immediately that this was a band I had to see live, and after witnessing their killer performance on Friday, I am so glad that I did.

While playing both fan favourites and some stellar new tracks, Wild Rivers captured the audience’s attention “like a fish on a hook”. With Devan and Khalid’s hauntingly beautiful harmonies and the band’s overall chemistry, what’s not to love? There is no doubt that individually, these band members are talented musicians; however, together they are so much more than that. Together they are artists, and what they were able to create on stage Friday evening was none other than a folk-lover’s dream.

From the first note they sang to the last chord they played, Wild Rivers took their audience on a ride. Even with a crowd made up of a variety of generations, the band was able to please everyone. As I sang along to the faster songs and let my goosebumps take over during the slower ones, I noticed that I was not the only fan-girl present. While Devan’s unique yet recognizable tone filled the room and blended so effortlessly with Khalid’s, I watched the entire crowd sing their lyrics right back to them. It was in this moment that I could see, though the band was excited to be in Toronto, their city was just as eager to welcome them home.

Once the show was over, the audience (including myself) wanted more. After a bit of chanting and cheering, the band took to the stage yet again and ended the show with one of their new songs, “Do Right”. It is definitely always a risky move to finish off a set with a brand new song; however, this risk worked in Wild Rivers’ favour, as “Do Right” was a hit. It was the perfect way to finish their Adelaide Hall performance with a bang and to leave their fans wanting more. With many well-liked songs already in their repertoire and new ones like this last one on the way, Wild Rivers is without a doubt a band that every indie music lover should be following this upcoming year. Both live and recorded, the music of Wild Rivers is surely something to experience.

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