December 13, 2016



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On Friday night, nu held it’s first ever Industry Night at The Painted Lady. In case you missed out on a killer night of music and networking, here’s a little bit about how it all went down.

The evening started off with a steady entrance of people from all walks of the musical earth. Musicians and producers, along with photographers and industry professionals joined the nu crew for some drinks and interviews with on-site bloggers.

About half way through the event, owner and founder of nu, Tayo Jacob took the stage to introduce two of the exciting musicians he has been working with. By this point, the bar was packed in, with people dancing, and scurrying to the front row to get a glance at the performances.

First, we were all introduced to Mirian, a talented singer-songwriter, with a soulful groove in her sound. Mirian kicked the show off with a bang, playing her latest single, “Fuck the Guy.” The musician also introduced a new track she has been working on, showing off her vocal chops, and giving us a good taste of what we should expect from her in the near future.

The next artist to perform on The Painted Lady stage was Trevor aka LA Rose. While the singer only performed one track, he blew the crowd away with his smooth sound and passionate original song.

Below are the interviews that were conducted on-site:

Russell Llantino, or Pryde as you may know him by, is a Canadian rapper from Brampton, Ontario. We got the chance to have a chat with him at NU’s Music Industry Night last Friday. Check out the interview to see what Pryde had to say about his recent tour, and what he has in store for the future.

NU: You were on tour this year, how was that?

PRYDE: It was cool. I ate a lot of steak ‘n shake.

NU: What was your favourite city?

PRYDE: I fucked with Chicago a lot. The crowd was dope, they had good pizza, my friends came out, it was cool.

NU: If you had to go to a concert with 3 other musicians (famous or unknown), which concert would you go to, and who would you bring?

PRYDE: I would go to a Michael Jackson concert with Savv, Danny, and Cassidy.

NU: Do you currently have any new projects in the works?

PRYDE: I’m working on an album right now; it’s called ‘Russell’. I’m dropping it in like February or March, but I’m taking my time with it and being really patient because I just want every song to sound fucking crazy as shit. It’s going to be dope though, I’m really, really stoked.

NU: Are you collaborating with any other artists on this album?

PRYDE: Literally the only person that’s on the album production wise is K-Beatz, that’s like my in house guys, like my left hand man since Danny’s my right. So K-Beatz is doing like all the production for it, killing it too. He’s an incredible producer. I have all my friends giving me creative input, so we’re just working on it collaboratively and trying to get the best product.

NU: So are you planning on doing another tour after you drop that album?

PRYDE: Yeah, for sure. I want to definitely do all of the U.S. and some parts of Canada. I want to do Alaska and Japan as well.

NU: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

PRYDE: A superstar! I’m definitely going to be 27, I’m going to have a sick-ass house, but my house is going to be all green on the inside, and all my homies are going to live with me, and we’re all not going to have kids, and we’re all going to be like hella fucking simple and its going to be cool.

Mehwish: Hi Gabriel, welcome to the first nu music industry night! Tell us a little about yourself.

Gabriel: Hi everyone, my name is Gabriel Maciel and I am a Brazilian-born recording artist and film-maker. I started playing music when I was eight years old in Brazil. Drums were the thing I wanted to do most. I woke up one day and realized I could play drums so I convinced my parents and got them to put me in lessons. I moved to Canada almost 9 years ago and have been very lucky with my projects; I was able to right out of high school sign a deal with a group of student engineers who wanted to record with the band that I was in. We signed a contract with them, so they cut us an EP. Eventually our work took rounds through different mediums like television some of it was out on College Radios around Toronto, but that’s was almost 5 years ago.

Mehwish: What have you done since?

Gabriel: Since then I’ve played with other bands, playing both drums and guitars; I am a multi-instrumentalist. I’ve been doing this really for the purpose for staying alive and out of necessity to remain creative. When you are creative you want to do stuff and put it out there. I released a record last May with this band called the Bogarts, that’s an EP that is out right now with about 5 songs and music videos that I directed the arts for. It’s a live off the floor performance, it was really wicked. We got a lot of good feedback from that record. Sadly, as soon as we put it out the band kind of dismantled.

For the most part that’s how I work, I am a recording artist and I just want to get into project and to record music. The greatest artists I’ve heard were doing that and that’s kind of what I want to do.

To keep tabs on Gabriel’s work , check out his Soundcloud

Mehwish: Hi Andrew, welcome to our first music industry night! Let’s start with telling the audience a little about who you are and when you stepped into becoming a music artist.

Andrew: Hi everyone, my name is Andrew Healy and I am the guitarist and lead vocalist for the band, Albatross. Previously, I have released three of our record tunes. They are called, ‘Mystified’, ‘Lost’, and ‘The Fire.’

I got into it at a young age but professionally with the original act, maybe three or four years ago. Previously, in the last six months we were playing Opera House, Revival, basically at some of the good venues and a lot of good music is still to come, there is a record that will be done mid-January 2017.

Mehwish: What genre of music do you focus on?

Andrew: Hmm… well, our first record, the genre was focused to mainly heavy Blues Rock, but mostly it’s always been whatever is most inspiring to me is usually what I am writing or trying to produce.

Mehwish: Where you do get your inspiration from?

Andrew: I’m inspired by most things that others are usually inspired by; you know like love, women, music, life in perspective of whoever travels through it.

Mehwish: If there is something you can tell to new aspiring artists, what would it be?

Andrew: To new artists my advice would be to play what you want and don’t play what other people want you to play. Music is generally categorized as different things but if you feel like making something new that hasn’t been done before, go for it!

Mehwish: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

Andrew: I would collab with Adele, first off because she is a woman and I like to work on harmonies, and I mostly work with men and not women. So collaborating with her would be incredible because her voice is incredible and I respect her music.

Check out Andrew’s work here

Mehwish: Tell us a little about yourself, Edwina?

Edwina: Hi my name is Edwina, and I started about…I guess ever since I can remember. I was always singing around the house, like my family and I would do our own versions of American idol where my parents and my sister would be the judge, and for the most part this would be done for fun. Eventually, I started getting more serious a couple of years ago and I started working with this really cool producer who saw my talent and really believed in me and my talents and so about a year ago we started working together.

Mehwish: What genre of music do you produce?

Edwina: I do kind of like an RnB with a pop style to it, but I definitely get a lot of influence from Amy Winehouse, that jazzy feel… she is definitely my favourite artist. I want people to feel the same way listening to me the way she makes me feel when I listen to her.

Mehwish: If you could collaborate with someone, who would it be?

Edwina: I would love to collaborate with Alicia Keys.

You can listen to Edwina here

Mehwish: Nice to see you again Andy, how are you enjoying the night so far?

Andy: It’s going great, thanks!

Mehwish: So, Andy what would you tell the audience about your work and how you got started?

Any: Well, my name is Andy Nyugen but I go by Ace Autumn, and my genre is Hip hop and Rap. I started doing this when I was sixteen and in high school. My manager; Brandon Fairlie, he really pushed me to pursue my talents. I wasn’t very confident in myself until he really kind of like showed me that I was talented and that’s when I really started believing in myself. My huge inspirations are John Mayer, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Tupac, all those guys.

Mehwish: What would you advice aspiring new artists to do and where do you see yourself going?

Andy: I just want to make a difference and show people to not be scared to be themselves. Being yourself is the greatest thing you can possibly be and that there is just no point walking on someone else’s footsteps when you can create your own lane.

Mehwish: Is there someone you would like to collaborate with?

Andy: I would love to collab with Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino.

Check out Andy’s work here

(Ace is below on the left)

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Mehwish: Hey Patrick! Tell the audience a little about yourself, your music, and who inspires you.

Patrick: Hi everyone, my name is Patrick, also known as x10PK. I make a lot of multivariate types of music, nothing specifically categorized or in any sub category. I am inspired by Lupe Fiasco, Michael Jackson, Lex Leosis, a lot of unknown – known artists.

Mehwish: You seem to be doing a lot of work, where do you see yourself going?

Patrick: I am heading to heaven, that’s where I want to head and that’s the music I want to create; one that will have a lasting impression on every individual who wants something to relate to themselves, to others, and me.

Mehwish: How did you get started?

Patrick: I used to play the flute when I was in grade 3, I wasn’t good at it though but I definitely knew how to read the notes. Sadly, I didn’t have the mobility to touch the buttons to whistle properly but my teacher told my parents I was gifted with musical abilities. I would also write a lot of poetry and freestyle a lot of the time. People started telling me to take it seriously, so I did and here I am now, super fond of the music I have put out and the music I will be putting out.

Mehwish: What’s your latest release?

Patrick: My latest song release is called ‘Sleepless’ it is about people who think they are in love and seem to lose sleep over it when in fact they actually aren’t in love.

Listen to Sleepless by Patrick here

(Patrik, Right)

(Will Lofsky, left)

Mehwish: Tell us about you and how you started.

Will: Hi, my name is Will Lofsky. Basically, in 2012 I listened to a lot of Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator. They were always talking about reckless crazy shit, so that gave me the confidence to start rapping. I was just recording in my room but by 2014 I started going to studios where I started to record a lot of projects. By 2015 I was getting more serious and then this year I started getting really serious and I’ve been recording in my school and doing a lot of engineering myself. In a nutshell, it all started really just listening to reckless guys and that gave me the confidence really to just say like “whatever, just fuck it, I’m going to do my own thing!”

Mehwish: Where do you see yourself going with your music?

Will: Honestly, I can’t predict what is going to happen but I want to create something cinematic and tangible and relatable. I try to keep my music very real, and those are the people I want to attract. I want to do a lot more shows and videos in the future. At the end of the day, I don’t know how big I am going to get but I will keep putting everything I possibly can into it because I REALLY believe in my work!

Listen to Lofsky here

– – –

Mehwish: Hey Alex! Tell the audience a little bit about yourself.

Alex: Hi guys, my name is Alexandre Martin and my artist name is Alexandre Henri. I am from Quebec, born in Montreal and shortly after moved to a small town in Massachusetts and now I live in Toronto. I have been playing guitar, piano, singing, and acting my whole life.

Mehwish: What got you into music?

Alex: Well, my dad played guitars his whole life and in the house we would have jazz and old soul music playing, so growing up I eventually picked it up and got into all that.

Mehwish: What genre do you typically lean towards?

Alex: If I had to put a name on it, I’d say experimental RnB, but for now I am still experimenting with a bunch of other genres.

Mehwish: Who influences your music?

Alex: I think music to me is more therapeutic than anything. A lot of my music is autobiographical. I think of ideas more so as I go through life and then I’ll write about it and there it goes. A lot of my influences come from old soul music. Otis Redding, Blood Stone, as well as some new artists like Frank Ocean and James Blake inspire me.

Mehwish: What was your latest release?

Alex: My latest EP is called “Eyes Stay Red’ and is mostly about my experience moving to Toronto. I have had a lot of experiences meeting new people and with women. Pretty much adapting to the city and the big changes that came with it.

My Newest Single is “Coke and Rum” – that song is more about the after math of going to a club and what it’s like to wake up the next day with someone you don’t know.

Mehwish: Where do you see yourself going and any advice you’d give to young artists like yourself in this industry?

Alex: By the end of the year I want to have a good amount of gigs in Toronto. I am relatively new to Toronto and have only been recording music for a year, so it would be nice to start securing some paid gigs in the process.

As for advice, I’d say to just do it! As I was starting to make music, I was going through the phase of doubting, like is this worth my time? Am I any good? What’s the point if no one hears it? But the point is to just do it, and you do it because you love it regardless of any exposure, fame or money.

Listen to Alexandre Henri Here

Big thank you to everyone who was involved and helped make the night a great success. We’re excited for the next one!

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