December 13, 2016


Before I begin, I need to give a disclaimer: I’m a little bit biased, because I love Ria Mae SO much. I’ve seen her live (and met her) three times in the past year alone. But I digress. Ooh Love? I love it. It starts out so simply, with just the vocals and minimal instruments. After the second time of her singing the words “ooh love”, the music starts picking up. The lyrics are very real and personal, singing to her lover who she wants to be “that someone”, before realizing that she might be putting more into the relationship than the other girl. The beat itself is also a jam, although maybe not something you would be able to dance around to at a club. On a road trip with some good pals? Absolutely (trust me, I’ve done it). Overall, if you’re looking for a song that lets you project your own feelings and experiences onto the lyrics, but still be able to jam and sing along to it, listen to Ooh Love. Actually, listen to any (read: all) of Ria Mae’s songs. Thank me later.

#riamaeoohlove #indiepop

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