December 15, 2016



American turned Canadian, singer/songwriter, Jon Parks dropped his new EP, Mercy, at the beginning of this month. Taking a ten-year break from releasing new music, Parks came out with a stellar new EP, filled with provoking lyrics.

Described as “pensive pop music,” Parks new EP is inspired by “left-field pop arrangements reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian and David Bowie.”

“I Don’t Want To Fight Anymore” is one of the tracks off Mercy.“I Don’t Want To Fight Anymore” is simply about not wanting to fight with the person you love. The track starts off very upbeat and light, and leads into the catchy chorus.

“Words were spoken that I wish could just disappear

Things we said that neither one of us ought to hear

We keep on talking but our words just won’t make it clear.”

He concludes,

“All I need is in your embrace, the laughter in the lines of your face

I don’t want to fight anymore, I don’t want to fight anymore.”

Listen to the EP online, here!

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