December 16, 2016



Jacob Latimore, an American singer, actor, and dancer from Milwaukee, has been making headlines since the tender age of nine, when he produced and recorded his very first song, entitled “Best Friends.” Now 20 years old, he has dropped a brand new single and debut album titled “Connection”. Both were released this past Friday and they’ve been generating buzz ever since.

Jacob first song was such a hit that it landed him on Radio Disney. He then released “Superstar”, which made its way onto the Bilboard R&B and Hip Hop charts. Fast-forward 11 years, and Jacob Latimore has dropped his first album and secured himself a leading role in the film “Collateral Beauty,” starring none other than Will Smith and Kate Winslet.

Latimore’s new song “Connection” is also driving his fame to new heights. The song contains a variety of musical features, including R&B beats and vocals, pop lyrics, and electronic background instrumentals. If you ask me, the song is destined for the Billboard charts; think Drake meets 2012 Justin Bieber.

It’s quite clear that Jacob Latimore is on his way to becoming a Hollywood mainstay. Check out his new tune, it will definitely get you hooked on this rising talent.

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