July 2, 2019


Emerging Toronto artist, BAD CHILD recently dropped his new single “Desert Island Lover.” BAD CHILD has already released two songs off his upcoming debut album, FREE TRIAL, and has given fans a slight but mighty preview of what they can expect. All three songs that have been released, possess a unique blend of soul, rock and alternative.

For his latest single, “Desert Island Lover,” BAD CHILD channels more of an alt-pop feel. What I love most about this song is the beachy/island vibe it portrays. A much needed song to listen to, in the midst of our cold winter, this song can easily cure your winter blues.

The singer/songwriter explains to NU;

“The song came from this idea of the modern nature of a lot of relationships I’ve witnessed and sometimes been a part of. It’s the slow creeping nature of jealousy & how we entrap ourselves in situations (relationships) we aren’t happy in for the sake of others expectations. Writing is a pretty liberating experience for me. I consider moments in my life & it’s an attempt to understand and catalogue them in a way. “

“The track (and the album) are sort of an anti-romance. I’m trying to tap into the idea of how we’ve become so focused on personal gain that we’ve become dishonest with others and ourselves. ‘Desert Island Lover’ is about that jealously and how that can trap people — It can be debilitating. It’s about becoming comfortable in your situation and not realizing how bad it is. To me it was about a string of dishonest relationships I had that fucked me up pretty good.” – BAD CHILD

I’m very excited to hear more from BAD CHILD, and hey, he’s local, even better!

Listen to “Desert Island Lover”

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