December 22, 2016


The eccentric alt-pop/funk group, Low Country Kingdom make the kind of music that is hard to label. Rap verses, and funk beats mix with hyper sexuality and catchy pop choruses. Making a splash on the California music scene, this band hits us with another weirdo-jam with latest single, “Pray.”

In LCK’s music, we hear everything from smooth electric guitar, to rap that is almost touching on Twenty-One Pilot’s Tyler Joseph’s style. Once their quartet had formed, the band consisted of two unique singers (Suz and Lang), a rapper/guitarist (Scott) and keytar/producer (Adam). The multi-talented musicians gave the group free reign to cross over into multiple genres, while staying in touch with their wildly outlandish imagery. Having already released an eclectic and funky debut album, Big Like China, the foursome continues to boast their bold personalities, colourful style, and catchy pop music.

With the new single, and accompanying video for “Pray,” we can catch a glimpse of the band recording from their own studio in their LA Home. Kicking off with a bluesy-rock guitar riff set as the backsplash to Scott’s rap stylings, the new song grooves in typical LCK fashion. The chorus is sung by Suz; it’s a catchy, pop-oriented melody that blends well with the rap that takes over most of the track.

As a jam, it’s alt-rock, meets funk-rap. It’s as diverse as the band members themselves. You can check out the video for “Pray” here:

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