December 27, 2016


Just how the stars aligned for the meeting of UK duo Oliver Lee and James Carter that is Snakehips, who met randomly on a business trip in Hong Kong, the stars aligned for me to experience a Snakehips set while on my trip to China; an opportunity I missed at this years Osheaga Music Festival. Lee and Carter are musical chemists blending the perfect amount of hip hop and R&B to their electronic genius which put us all in a trance. I felt like I was getting the deal of a lifetime with a modest turnout of tourists and locals who came out on a Sunday night. After conversing with some of the locals, they either belonged to the ‘die-hard fan’ group or the ‘who is Snake Who? What?’ group. I refrained from slapping the latter group, but instead educated them as best I could in broken Mandarin that they were in for a treat.

Growing up in the 90s, I reminisced at the old-school hip hop vibes with a twist of what they do best, add their electronic romance. While dancing in the fog mist (not a subtle dialogue about the pollution here) brought me back to solo dance parties in my parents basement; admit it, you had those too. Snakehips surprised fans with remixes of Soulja Boy’s hit “Crank that (Soulja Boy)” and “Dance With Me” by R&B group 112. Fans eagerly anticipated Snakehips classic hits, and they did not disappoint by spinning snippets of “Days With You” ft. Sinead Harnett and “Falling” ft. Malika. These two features pair perfectly with Snakehips beats with their equally soulful sexy voices. I especially enjoyed “Falling”, which starts off as a perfect B-Boy dance track then takes you on a journey about the trials and tribulations of falling for someone.

The American group next to me were yelling “THIS IS MY JAM!”, while Snakehips took us on a trip back in time with their remix of “Warm Water” by Banks. A song I hadn’t heard since I had it on repeat on my soundcloud “likes” playlist last year.

At the end of a two-hour set, they ended on a high-note with their hit off their EP album, also named “All My Friends” featuring the oh-so-talented Goddess Tinashe and Chance The Rapper. A perfect way to bring the multicultural audience together and unified chanting the anthem that is the chorus. if you know the song, you know how true its lyrics speak and especially to the end of a boozy electronic hip hop dream that you just witnessed if you’ve ever seen a Snakehips show live.


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