December 29, 2016



Couros creates electronic music that isn’t confined to the ideals of sonic perfection. He takes interesting sounds and let’s the natural progression of making music take over. In doing so, he produces catchy songs that are much more audible than what we may expect when we hear them described as “raw.” Instead, we may try using the word “organic” to illuminate the kind of music that Couros makes. By collaborating with powerful vocalists, and taking inspiration from NASA (and some really pissed off neighbours), the producer has tapped into his own style on his debut EP, Jupiter.

Emerging from Jupiter, is “Breathe Again,” the first track, and a good example of the producer’s sound. In discussing the entire EP, Couros explains the message that encompasses the project. It’s provoking the idea that even in an imperfect relationship, good things can still be found- especially if you are able to fight for them. The London producer notes that “Breathe Again,” and “Never Break,” focus on this conflicting story that most of us will be able to relate to. It’s perfect symmetry for Couros in terms of his recording techniques. He does not use tuning or correction on “Breathe Again.” It’s a sort of rebellion from the incessant need for people to over-produce their projects. But like all humans, and the relationships they often find themselves in, you can’t just turn a nob to fix the problem.

Besides it’s thematic value, “Breathe Again” is a catchy, well-written opener to the EP. It’s a medium-paced song, with unique and experimental spatial sounds. It’s driven by a heavy bass line, and encompasses a chorus that will surely send you to outer space. And if that doesn’t work, you can get there with the music video.

Watch the video for “Breathe Again” here:

And stream the Jupiter EP on the service provider of your choice.

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