January 11, 2017


Capitano is an anti-rock band from Germany. They released their first music video for the song “My Bad” back in October. Considering themselves to be “not a band but more of an idea,” Capitano are intending to make a statement. A statement of what is not totally clear, but perhaps that’s the point. An exploration of what rock means, and whether it’s more about the music or how the music represents itself. Or maybe I’m missing the point completely.In any case, the German rock band seems to be growing their audience, mostly from touring with other bands.

The video for “My Bad” is a simple concept. The band is playing the song together in a blue room, and their faces are covered in blue paint. The lead singer is wearing a feathered mask, which seems to be their regular aesthetic. The song is catchy and has an exciting feel to it, with a repeating guitar line that’s upbeat. They have good harmonies and their falsettos are used in an interesting way to offset the rock sound of their lead singers voice. With some hardcore tricks thrown in, combined with a pretty traditional rock sound and some vibes that are reminiscent of glam rock, Capitano is really playing the varied sub genres of rock and roll. An interesting exploration, the anticipation for the release of a full album is worthwhile.

Watch the “My Bad” video here:

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