January 12, 2017


The beat and rhythm of the song was the first thing that grabbed my attention. It starts with a ‘twinkling’ introduction, followed by a smooth urban flow, mixed with the bounce and spring-back styles similar to Skizzy Mars or B.O.B. Produced by Lewis Cullen, “I’m Weak” is the type of song you would listen to cruising down the street with your friends in the summer after a long day in classes or at work; feeling accomplished and free. Neil’s opening line is relatable to many, graduate or not;

…I’ve been all alone s***/ ‘Cause I’ve been on my grown up s***/ ‘Cause I’ve been on my college s***/…Whoa mama I’ma make you proud…/ Our whole city ‘bout to get loud / Just give me some time though / ‘Cause I know you want me to be the best thing in the world that I could ever be…

The song is a refreshing take on post-secondary life because it isn’t what you may assume would be the content of most 19 year old students. This isn’t a hater-shaming, territorial-tyrant tune, rather, Don Neil takes a motivational approach of a kid just trying to do the best for his family, and in the process, maybe make something big of himself as well.

The chorus kicks in;

“…They won’t be happy until I drop to my knees man and say I’m weak…”

In response to this, is one of my favourite verses from this track. In a calm, Kid Cudi; Man On The Moon way, Neil comes back strong to end on a positive and very ‘chantable’ note;

“…I’ve been good/ I’ve been good/ I’ve been good/ I’ve been doin’ everything like I said that I would/ Heyyy/ I’ve been good/ I’ve been good/ I’ve been good/ I’ve been doin’ everything like you know that I should…”

This is a song I would expect to be hearing more of in 2017 as Don Neil makes his way through campuses in his hometown of Baltimore, all the way up through Canada. Check out “I’m Weak” and other songs by Don Neil on his Soundcloud you can also see the official “I’m Weak” music video now below!

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