January 13, 2017


Low Country Kingdom is yet another band that I had not previously heard of until we blogged about them last time, and I can’t think of a song better than “Doin’ It” to get me hooked. What I would describe as a flawless combination of R&B and pop, this song is one that had not only myself, but also my housemates, singing along and dancing in our seats. With lyrics as hilarious and crude as

“tan on my dick, I’m going places”


“poutine in the sheets, then ice cream”,

it was easy to be put in a good and carefree mood while listening to it. These lyrics, as well as the chill yet upbeat tempo of the music, made for one catchy song that was stuck in my head long after I finished listening to it. “Doin’ It” is absolutely a danceable song, but more in an indie/street way than in a clubbing way. Honestly, as a diehard Broad City fan, I feel as if this song is the musical version of the show. If you’re a fan of bright colours, uniqueness, freedom, and fun (honestly, who isn’t?), then this song — and this band — are for you!

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