January 18, 2017


BANKS just released the video for her new single, “Trainwreck” — her video first since August’s “Gemini Feed”. I can only imagine the difficulty in having had to choose singles from this album. Sure, “Fuck With Myself” was an obvious choice, but a lot of the tracks on The Altar have radio power. And, the album is incredibly cohesive, sonically speaking. There’s something so personal about the BANKS experience. Her lyrics, performances and, clearly, her videos all feel like a welcomed intrusion into her life. For better or for worse, BANKS willingly pours everything into her creations, and we’re so grateful for that. There’s always a story to be told, and there is always a strong attention to detail; the lighting, the cinematography, the colour story and even her characterization are all on brand for each individual release. “Trainwreck” is absolutely no exception.

Directed by Marie Schuller, “Trainwreck” sets BANKS opposite a camera, having to perform for a group of men in suits — a music video within a music video, which shows another music video.

Still following?

Whether these men are from her past or are perhaps misogynistic record execs is irrelevant to the fact that BANKS won’t fit any mould you try to put her in; it’s why I love her and why her videos are much more interesting to watch.

Take a trip on BANKS’ “Trainwreck” below:

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