January 20, 2017


El Capitán‘s video for Sun Tzu is a wild one. Filmed by Jonathan Swecker, Adam Pacheco and Scott Stevens, the vibrant visuals are introduced through what appears to be a drug-induced dream state. The young rap duo, made up of Foster and Abhi the Nomad, proceed to take us on a desert journey that lands us somewhere between D12’s Purple Pills, Requiem for a Dream and ICP’s psyche (and makeup bag). The Sun Tzu reference, for those unaware, belongs to the Chinese general and military strategist. Sun Tzu (the song and video) allude to the inner battle we face, traversing life’s unsteady landscapes. Or, as the guys put it, the “introspective duality of drug-riddled minds, walking amongst the cold days and nights in the mess humanity has made.”

For me, this duality is clear. These guys write, produce and master their own stuff, which says to me that they understand the importance of connecting lyrics to sound. The production on Sun Tzu is different; knowingly or not, their use of guitar lends itself so well to the atmosphere of the video and lyrics of the song. It’s also just super cool to hear something other than Caribbean sounds or downtempo trap beats in hip hop right now.

Watch below (preferably not on mushrooms):

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