January 25, 2017


Today Jessie Reyez releases a spooky music video for her new song “Shutter Island” produced by Tim Suby. This is a follow-up to “Figures” (both videos produced by Mad Ruk) which was accompanied by a Beats 1 Radio premiere via Zane Lowe.

The Toronto singer/songwriter is a graduate from The Remix Project (which she swears by), a local community-based art incubator, which provides resources for creatives who otherwise don’t have the access. She’s been making moves in the city since I last saw her perform at CMW with Adria Kain back in 2015.

“Have you heard ‘Figures’? It’s about the same guy…except I was angrier this time” says Reyez while explaining her inspiration for “Shutter Island”. (1)

(Video for “Figures” below)

“Shutter Island” is set in an prison-simulated environment similar to what one would expect based on the Scorsese film. To further expand on the movie comparison, on the hook she sings;

My straight jacket’s custom-made(I’m fucking famous)My straight jacket’s custom-made(My fuckin’ roadies)I’m crazy just like GalileoMy straight jacket’s custom-made

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, it involves an investigation of a psychiatric facility full of the mentally disturbed. The video’s lighting even matches with the movie poster’s art, which was beautifully executed by director Peter Huang. As the video progresses from Jessie singing directly into the camera, her alternate self is introduced, trapped inside a glass case full of water. Describing a toxic relationship that she finally breaks free from, this seems to be a representation of her while under the man’s influence, not being able to breathe or move.

Watch “Shutter Island” below:

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