January 26, 2017


Cat Pierce, known simply as Cat, is a former member of indie sister duo The Pierces. She is new as a solo artist, but she and her sister released five albums. Cat released her first single as a solo artist this year, titled You Belong To Me. Cat said that this song came to be as a result of taking a walk after micro-dosing on mushrooms (usually just enhances your mood, but being a bit of a lightweight when it comes to drugs made her have some visions) and feeling as if the moon and the plants were communicating with her.

My very first impression of You Belong To Me is that it is very similar to Lana Del Ray’s sound. With its airy synths, strategic percussion, and flowing piano notes, it puts you in the same dream-like state that songs like LDR’s Summertime Sadness would. It’s not shocking to me that this song is a result of drugs, in the sense that it lulls the listener into a sort of psychedelic trance. This song is all about being so entirely in love with somebody that you struggle with the duality of wanting to possess them, while simultaneously submitting your heart and soul to them. The lyrics and the overall sound and experience of Cat’s You Belong To Me do an excellent job of capturing the feeling of loving somebody so much that it feels like you’re high and have no control.

If you’re a fan of Lana Del Ray, or feeling like the moon and plants are communicating with you, then you’ll love this song. Keep an ear out for when Cat releases even more solo music, I know I can’t wait to hear it!

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