January 26, 2017


Rina Mushonga, a Dutch-Zimbabwean singer/songwriter, just released her new single, “Atalanta,” at the most serendipitous of times. Surely, by now, you’ve seen at lease some coverage from the Women’s March(es), which took place January 21st across the world. Women (and men) of all colours, backgrounds and faiths came together for one common purpose: female empowerment, equality and love. “Atalanta,” is an ode to the Greek mythological figure in Ovid’s Metamorphosis — the “embodiment of female strength,” as Mushonga put it.

Produced by Grammy-nominated Brett Shaw (Florence & The Machine, Daughter), “Atalanta” is the first single from Mushonga’s second studio album, set to release later this year. To attempt to categorize “Atalanta” would be an injustice to music and female musicians, today especially. I’ll say this: the references to her roots are abundant and her vocal phrasing tells a story unlike anything I’ve heard in a while. There’s something so necessary in the production’s rhythms that almost sit uneasily at first, but come to be appreciated as the dynamics and electronic vibes amplify and crescendo toward the end of the song. Between all of the above and Mushonga’s rich harmonies, I’m spent. Check out “Atalanta” below to hear for yourself

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