January 31, 2017


After years of struggling to remain relevant in this increasingly digital age, music retailer, HMV, are closing their doors. The change in consumer trends from buying physical music to streaming has been negatively affecting the company since 2013. By the end of 2016, HMV’s annual sales dropped from $266 million to $193 million. There are currently 102 HMV stores in Canada which employ approximately 1300 people. All stores are set to close by April 30th.

This news has upset many music lovers nation-wide. Although it is clear that most music is consumed digitally, many people still love having that physical record. HMV closing their doors truly marks the end of an era.

Those of you who used HMV as your go to music retailer for physical music are now going to have to broaden your horizons, so I have compiled a list (in no particular order) of great places in Toronto to buy music.

1) Sonic Boom- 215 Spadina Ave. (http://sonicboommusic.com/#home)

2) June Records- 662 College St. https://junerecords.com

3) Soundscapes- 572 College St. http://www.soundscapesmusic.com

4) Dead Dog Records- 1209 Bloor St. West https://www.facebook.com/deaddogrecordsto/

5) In the Groove- 1174 Queen St. East http://inthegrooverecords.com

6) Rotate This- 186 Ossington Ave. http://www.rotate.com

7) Pandemonium- 2920 Dundas St. West http://pandemonium.ca/blog/

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