January 31, 2017


Swedish producer “Liohn”, begins the song with a layered introduction that can only be described as a mix between a ‘Chainsmokers’ vibe and Rihanna resembling vocals. The first verse sets the tone of the song;

“I could never be with someone like you/ Gotta cut you off from the things I do/ Takin’ me for granted but I always knew/ Did I ever fall for the things you say/ Always pretty lights just to make me stay/ But pretty ain’t enough ‘cause it’s all cliché…”

Liohn mixes R&B with subtle electronic drops to give this song a sexy, club sound, while not overshadowing the vocals. In terms of lyrical content, the singer (who has been asked to remain anonymous) goes on to explains how she realized the relationship had been over already for a while. There were no more emotional attachments left, just physical, explained in the chorus;

“When I’m over you/ There’ll be nothin’ to undo/ There’ll be nothin’/ When I’m over you…”

This is when the song gets into that bassy, ‘Chainsmokers’, bob-your-head, type of beat that Liohn uses to reinforce the chorus. Following, he slows it down again to bring in the next verse;

“Saw you with someone in the club last night/ Oh I wasn’t worried about it/ It was alright/ Never did you care/ Never asked you why/ No I/ So I thought I’d never say it out/ I say it loud/ I say it proud/ I’m over you/ Now I’ll never go back…”

The song ends seemingly abruptly; however, the vocals and beat finish on a perfect note together. The versatility of the song makes it playable in almost any atmosphere; from just hanging out, to getting sensual in the club.

Lyrically, this verse is his proof that the singer is actually over her ex. After seeing him post break-up, with another girl nonetheless, her emotions are neutral. Finally she can “Say it out/ Say it loud/Say it proud…” that the weight has been lifted and she is free to be whoever she wants.

Although based in Sweden, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Liohn popping up in clubs and mixes across North America. Signed to Refune Music Group, Liohn continues to climb the charts and make new hits. Listen to “Over You” below. For other tracks, check out his Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

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