January 31, 2017


NU’s very own genre-bending Toronto artist Mirian comes at us strong once again with “Smoke”. Featured on Apple Music’s “ Hot Tracks” section under RNB/Soul, “Smoke” combines a dark alternative RNB production with pop accessibility, all while giving a nod to her throwback influences. We heard through the grapevine that there’s a video in the works also, and if it’s anything like the song, it will definitely be something to watch for.

Mirian developed a buzz early on, and turned that buzz into a charting success. Covering so many different styles to the point where she can no longer be labelled under just one specifically, Mirian can go in many different directions with her music. As she develops with the nu artist development team, her path will become clear, although with so many possibilities, it may be a hard choice to decide which to focus on.

Following up quickly after her Apple Music feature, Mirian’s release of “Stone”, channels some of her more organic roots while combining them with an ethereal vibe that all comes together flawlessly. With a hook that you won’t leave behind and a vibe you’ll want to live in, Mirian flexes once again, showing her strong versatility as an artist while making everything she does feel like her own sound.

“Stone” will be premiering tonight on CBC’s Radio 1 “Here and Now” (which is 99.1FM on the dial) at 5:40 PM.

**Update** Here’s the link if you missed it

Mirian will also be playing LIVE at The Central tonight, an ode to the venue shutting down. Catch her set at 9:30 PM.

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