January 31, 2017


For Mother Mother fans that can’t wait for the new album drop, you’re in luck. The Canadian rock band released a new song to tie us over; “Letter” will definitely hit you in the feels.

The new song was posted by the group earlier this month in a studio session, the acoustic video is a treat to watch. It’s simple yet effective, showcasing the straight forward production of raw music. “Letter” is both heartbreaking and breathtaking; the lyrics are full of emotion. Singer and guitarist Ryan Guldemond says that “Letter is about unhealthy nostalgia” he says that the song comes from a point in his life where he was romanticizing the past to the point where it was creating friction with the present.

The wait wont be too long, “No Culture” will be the sixth album from the band and fans can look for it on February 10th. Fans will also be able to catch the band live, as the band will be touring a slew of Canadian cities throughout 2017.

Listen to the original audio of “Letter” HERE

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