February 1, 2017


Bathrobe Robots released their new video for “Cannibals” right in time for their upcoming gig in Saratoga Springs, NY. Indentifying themselves as “sibling robots,” the duo have described their sound as “grungy traditional rock and roll” with “obscure synthetic sounds that compliment the organic.” Listening to “Cannibals,” it sounds like they’ve achieved what they set out to accomplish. The bass line, percussion and chorus are my personal standouts from the track. Lyrically and melodically, the chorus is interesting; it’s catchy and sits right in the vocalists pocket. I would like to see more of that affected, mid-range delivery through the verses and especially the pre-chorus because I feel it lacks the same punch that the chorus has.

The video takes place in a robot cartoon land, and is a commentary on the ignorance that plagues modern society. This plague that is likened to fool’s gold in the lyrics, which “makes us all animals.” You’re not wrong, Bathrobe Robots, you’re not wrong. Feast on “Cannibals” below:

#indierock #bathroberobotscannibals

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