February 1, 2017


The Swedish duo, Evil Astronaut gives us a taste of their soon-to-be-released EP with “Orbit Berlin.” It’s a sentimental, space journey both in sound, and real-life experience. The tone depicts a kind of transformation for the band. Originally called “Orbit,” the “Berlin” was added when the duo finished writing the song there. They cite the city as one of their main influences- the city and all of the changes they went through while they were writing the track.

There’s a certain sense of translucency for an artist that writes music that reflects his or her life. It gives listeners the opportunity to peak behind the curtains into the emotional state of the artist. While not attuned to every detail of their adventures in Berlin, at first listen to Evil Astronaut, we can notice this kind of honesty in their music.

So far, the duo has focused on writing and recording music. They are excited to share their material with the world. This coming spring you can expect to hear more from Evil Astronaut. In the mean time, be sure to “Orbit Berlin” with these creative musicians.

Listen to “Orbit Berlin” here:

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