February 6, 2017


Courtyards just landed at nu by way of the UK — Huddersfield, England to be exact. The five-piece recently released the video for “Firelight” — the first single from their upcoming EP. First, the video: it’s pretty simplistic, but not everything has to be some artistic statement about the state of the nation. The lighting in the performance scene has some great shots. Other than that, it’s a fairly standard rock-band video.

The song itself, thankfully, is much less standard. I think the biggest failure of any indie-rock band is poor melodies. Courtyards have mastered theirs on “Firelight,” leaving it playing in my head even now as I write this. The chorus is especially great; “it’s like an incantation,” as Matt sings in the pre-chorus.

#courtyardsfirelight #indierock

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