February 6, 2017


I couldn’t find out much about the band Soon other that they’re from the city of Aarhus in Denmark. And, judging by their YouTube account, “Used To” is their first release. What a song to kick off a career with! Let me tell you that if you’re a fan of The Weeknd, then I can almost promise that you’re going to love Soon.

Used To is an R&B song that has a rather seductive vibe to it. The song starts off with a crackling and a melodic sort of humming. After a few seconds of this, a smooth voice kicks in, singing about city lights. This verbal imagery makes me imagine listening to this song while driving down a city street in a convertible during a warm night. I might just be connecting it to music videos of similar-sounding songs though. I don’t know. I digress.

“Used To” has a beat that makes me sway even when just sitting down and listening to it. It makes me think about slow dancing at a club when inhibitions are a little bit blurry and you’re with somebody you just met. Not in a bad way though, just in a “let’s not think for a little bit and just lose ourselves” way. There is a part close to the end of the song that eases up on the lyrics a bit and makes the listener focus on the guitar. It changes up the beat just enough that the listener is aware of the change, but not enough to make them lose the groove, or separate themselves from the song at all.

When most people think of R&B, especially R&B that has such a club/city feel to it, Denmark is one of the last places they would expect the artist to come from. But Soon proved all of the naysayers wrong with this track, and I’m hoping to see much more from them!

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