February 6, 2017


Soul artist JSPH released his new single last week, “lifeLESS,” via BBC Radio 1. This is the latest single to be released before his third EP from his EP trilogy series, “Abide” comes out. JSPH is still in the process of recording the EP, and there’s no word on whether or not “lifeLESS” will be included on it. The Northern Kentucky raised artist prides himself on his gospel roots, using his background to “evolv[e], yet respecting tradition.” He teamed up with DJ Corbett to make his first two EPs in the trilogy, “Rest” and “Rule,” which both came out in 2015.

Nominated as 2016’s New Artist of The Year by City Beat, JSPH is on his way towards fame.

This is clear when listening to single “lifeLESS.” JSPH’s voice is haunting, and his mix of pop and soul accentuates his smooth, luxurious timbre. The song comes in with a steady beat, for the first voice. There is a slightly EDM like drop that follows as the chorus comes in. It seems a little bit unnecessary, and isn’t my favourite part of the song. However, I don’t feel that it takes away from the song. The harmonies in the chorus are lovely and take the song to another place. A catchy and soulful song, “lifeLESS” makes the wait for “Abide” that much harder.

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