February 7, 2017


“Kehlani Parrish” is the full name of the incredibly talented 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Oakland, California shaking up the R&B genre. Kehlani has arrived as a truly refreshing change for R&B fans with her debut studio album “SweetSexySavage” in a musical genre that is so currently dominated by male musicians.

Over the course of Kehlani’s career, her fans have played witness to many serious ups and downs in her life. With two extremely successful musical projects under her belt (as well as a Grammy nomination for her second mixtape; You Should Be Here,) Kehlani very publically shared her experience with an attempted suicide last year over Instagram. The young R&B powerhouse from Oakland, California is now back with the release of the very raw and relatable, “SweetSexySavage”. The album is produced largely by Pop & Oak and it is full of lyrical story lines that are deeply personal to Kehlani’s life, and very significant for her fans. (1)

The album arrives only two years after her first introduction to the music industry, after she auditioned for the show America’s Got Talent as member of a cover band named “Pop Lyfe”. The band placed fourth in the competition, but Kehlani left a lasting impression on judge, Nick Cannon. (2) Nick helped to spearhead her rise to fame and also encouraged her to get her foot in the door in entering the music industry. Not only is she a talented vocalist, but she is also a visionary when it comes to song production. Her fans are inspired by her tenacious attitude, and her raw poetic lyrics display an overwhelming sense of vulnerability and authenticity. She has always been an open book and this unique quality shines alongside her innate musical talent.

Kehlani’s new album SweetSexySavage was released under the label Atlantic Records on January 27th, 2017. The first song on the 18-track album titled, “Intro” sets up the whole tone for the album to follow. It is not actually a song at all, but rather a poem recited by Reyna Biddy where she says “The truth is, I’m a superwoman / And some days I’m an angry woman / And some days I’m a crazy woman.” (3) It is an album to empower all women, and it also conveys an experience of emancipation for Kehlani herself. Sonically, there is a track for everyone on the album. The songs flow between heartfelt ballads, to others that range from being upbeat, sexy, retro, and filled with synthy beats.

Watch the video for the album’s first single “Distraction” below,

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