February 8, 2017


Dealing with music criticism is perhaps one of the biggest obstacles in the industry. Everyone has a different opinion and everyone’s taste is subjective. But here’s the big question Who genuinely likes and enjoys your music vs. those who just want to feed your ego. The latter of the two can range from a variety of people. The first being your most inner circle, your family and friends. Now these are the people that love you and genuinely want to see you succeed. So are they just hyping you up or do you have a talent that needs to be shared with the world? As a musician’s support group, family and friends should be able to express what they honestly think about your style/ sound of music. Sparing any feelings will not help anyone in the long run of things, as eventually someone down the road is bound to voice their true opinions. Next you have the people that want your money

There are many producers eagerly willing to help you with an album for a large expense while showing you “Fake Love” (cue Drake’s song.) The Canadian rapper’s “Fake Love” references friends/fans faking friendships with him because they presumably want something out of him, which is also a relatable occurrence in the industry. The music industry may seem big, but it is quite small when people network and talk, especially in Toronto. Ask around to make sure the person is in it to help your career and YOU and is not all about the money. Starting off, the best approach and great publicity to generate new songs and buzz about your band is to submit your song or songs to music blogs. Here at nu, we require all artists to submit their songs through SubmitHub. This website is great because if a song is NOT accepted it requires bloggers to give constructive feedback. Another great thing for artists, is to ask other local musicians, their opinions and advice and learn what they have done to develop and grow their music career. I believe the key thing to remember is that everyone hears music differently. Just because one person isn’t a fan of your music doesn’t mean another person will not like it. It’s important to take any feedback and grow, improve and bring your new and improved self forward in your music career.

In our other article “AWKWARD CONVERSATIONS: WHAT PEOPLE REALLY THINK OF YOUR MUSIC” we discuss the same topic in even further detail.

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