February 22, 2017


The minute I heard this song begin to play, I fell in love. The slow acoustic introduction, paired with Jehsea Wells’ droning Kurt Cobain styled voice make a gorgeous melody for this track. This is the type of song you would tune into with a cup of joe, sitting on your front porch on a Sunday afternoon.

Then the pick-me-up kicks in with an awesomely suitable drum introduction, giving the song a “Strawberry Fields” vibe; very mellow, but also something you could tap your toes to. Lyrically, the song circulates around the topic of depression and how it has made him into someone he is not, and does not want to be. Reaching out to connect with listeners, the setting is displayed through the chorus;

“Are you feeling like me / Are you blue as can be…”

The song continues as the artist examines himself in this state; “Sometimes I get so heavy and I drag you along/ And that’s not me…/ I like the times of healing but it’s taking too long/ And that’s not me…/ That’s all I can be/ It’s all I’m wanting to be/ Are you feeling like me/ Are you blue as can be…”

Welles describes the reality, but also lightness of his music best by saying; “I write from honest places…I’m so captured in the moment of watching yourself aging. That horrifies me and that compels me to write some scary s**t… Reality, at times is pretty sour. There’s no sense in making something just for darkness’ sake. I like everything to have a curve on it.” Jehsea also describe his music as “burnt toast”, which I interpret as him saying; it isn’t for everyone, but some people will really enjoy the ‘different taste’ of his music.

Jehsea wraps up the track with his feelings of wrapping up life; “I get hung up in my head y’ know its leading me on/ And that’s not me/ If it comes too much to bear then I’ll be give and go/ And that’s not me/ I’m just lost as can be/ Are you feeling like me/ Are you blue as can be…”. The repetitive chorus “Are you feeling like me/ Are you blue as can be” closes the song and reinforces the feeling of hopelessness and loss, while the rhythm still keeps the tone upbeat, reminding listeners that they are not alone.

Although only 22 years old, this Arkansas native has already started making a name for himself at multiple music festivals, including this year’s Bonnaroo, Governor’s Ball, and SXSW. After a recent move to Nashville to further his music career, Jehsea announced the upcoming release of his debut album, scheduled to come out this June.

So, go grab your cup of java and give Welles’ “Are You Feeling Like Me” a listen.

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