February 23, 2017


Steve Benjamins is a Toronto-based indie artist who is taking a different path to success than most new music performers. Rather than focusing on live shows, he has chosen to distribute his music almost exclusively via the internet.

Steve recently released a new single called “Silence”, which dropped alongside an artsy video on February 6. The song has already gained a lot of attention, and has been entered into the CBC Searchlight competition. “Silence” starts off with soft, folksy sounding vocals, and features underlying, loose-sounding notes trailing in the background. Within seconds of my first listen, I was convinced I was listening to a John Mayer hit. Halfway through however, the tempo is livened up by some pulsing, hypnotic beats. The change functions as an engaging change of pace. The song then returns to a softer sound, featuring subtle keys and string picking, which leaves the listener in a daydream-like trance as the music fades away.

A fan of the song? Steve Benjamins releases a new single every month; subscribe and be the first to hear them HERE.

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