February 24, 2017


New York producer, Squired teams up with Minit to bring us his new track, “Awake.” The song leaves a good first impression for the producer and a hint as to what we should expect from him. His presence online is fairly under the radar, but “Awake” seems to speak for itself. If this is a proper representation of the Squired sound, we should be very interested.

As with most purely instrumental, electronic jams, the vibe is space-like and bass heavy. The atmosphere is set with very few vocal samples, delicately placed throughout the track. From the start, you can tell it is a head-bopping jam. But this isn’t what makes “Awake” something to get out of bed before. Rather, it is the shrill of the lightly distorted, electronic guitar that screams its way into this jam just after the half way point. Mixed in with the mark of good production skills, the guitar separates this track from everything else on the scene. It’s unexpected sure, but it’s also very rock ‘n’ roll.

Check it out for yourself!

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