February 28, 2017


“Everyone’s Talking” is the latest release from James Hersey’s forthcoming EP Pages. On the singer-songwriter’s Facebook page he reveals that the track is, “about our false sense of entitlement to judge the lives of others” in which he smoothly vocalizes “everyone’s got their own words of unpaid advice”.

While we share many parts of our lives with others, especially through the Internet, people do not know us. Our wants and needs cannot truly be depicted by what others see through social media and this song helps us gain the realization that everyone has a different image of us in their heads. Similar to many others, Austria’s Hersey questions “What do they know?”

The alternative / electro-pop singer is expected to release his “Pages” EP this Spring. Have a listen below:

#indierock #jamesherseyeveryonestalking

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