March 1, 2017


Golan, a three-piece band based in Bucharest, Romania dropped their new music video for their single, “Zenith.”

The music video directed by Anton and Damian Groves, depicts a gymnast performing on a balance beam. The video shows her trial and errors, and really focuses on the power of perseverance, even when faced with self-doubt. The music video beautifully shows the true skill of the athlete with a series of close ups, different angles/perceptive, and slow motion performance shots. The video to date has already surpassed 40,000 videos in just over a week.

Golan’s “Zenith” adds a majestic soundtrack to the powerful video. Golan (Alex, Mihai and Ernesto) are the proof that different musical skills that combine with passion can generate a unique blend of eclectic sounds. Ernesto’s exotic percussions, Alex’s classic & jazz influences and Mihai’s melodic compositions & songwriting combine to complete the full puzzle of what Golan encompasses. The song has a hypnotic beat and features a more experimental sound. It is unique in the sense that I had to play it over a few times to really grasp the truly great sound it possesses.

Using live instruments, sampling and live DJ’ing, the trio brings a fresh vibe to today’s electronic music scene. The band is former 2014 winners of the “Best Electro” award given by Sunete Magazine. “Zenith” can be found on Golan’s debut album Intro, which is scheduled to drop this Spring.

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