March 1, 2017


Have you heard of THEY.? If not, you are about to see the name everywhere.

The American R&B duo THEY., also known as Drew and Dante, were introduced in Los Angeles through Dante’s production partner and best childhood friend Big Drew. At the time, Dante was dropping beats in the studio with the producer, and now label mate, ZHU, and Drew had just relocated to LA from Maryland in search of a like-minded writing partner.

In an effort to move away from pop production towards something more boundary pushing, Dante saw Drew as his ideal collaborator. Pulling from influences such as Taking Back Sunday and Kurt Cobain, Drew and Dante collaborate both their diverse musical backgrounds to create THEY..

The duo most recently dropped their highly anticipated debut studio album, Nü Religion: Hyena. The album features an impressive 14 tracks, and is definitely worth the wait.

One track in particular that caught my attention was “Dante’s Creek”. THEY, brilliantly put their own modern day twist on the classic 90s hit theme song from Dawson’s Creek, “I Don’t Want To Wait” by Paula Cole. The song is insanely catchy, with a 90s/2000s vibe. For any Dawson’s Creek fans, this song gives a super nostalgic feeling. Drawing on the original emotional track, the deep choice of lyrics put the listener in a melancholy state of mine.

“I don’t wanna wait for our lives to be over

If it happened now, would you take it how you left it?

This is give and take, so take your time, take me under

I wanna know, could you show me what I’m missing?

…This can’t be for nothing

We live for something.”

Touring with Bryson Tiller and working with the likes of Skrillex the pair already is producing hit songs and this is only their first full-length album! I can’t wait to see what the future with bring to THEY..

The duo is performing at The Mod Club on March 26th be sure to check them out!

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