March 6, 2017


Alt-rocker, Adam Jensen, is one of those artists who just doesn’t care about what you think of them, and that is reflected in his latest release, ‘Tombstone’. When asked about the song, Jensen responded; “it’s just a song about not giving a fuck what anyone thinks about me. It’s a song about me. I especially like this one because I feel like the song is literally me in song form. It’s the blues man. I am what I am. I am a person who is prone to anger and violence. So fucking what? I don’t make excuses for myself. I regret nothing. I am what the Universe made me. Started from the bottom and I’m still there. Fuck it, write it on my tombstone”.

The rebellious artist has had some pretty big things happen for his career in the past, such as his previous single ‘The Mystic’ being premiered on Billboard, and I can bet that even better things are bound to come his way with this new release. It has already been confirmed that Jensen will be opening for alt-pop singer, Rozes, this April in New York and in his hometown, Boston.

Check out the track and find out what Adam Jensen is all about.

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