March 10, 2017


GoldLink’s new song Meditation that was released on March 9, is one of those melodic rap songs that are becoming increasingly popular with the (continuous) rise of artists like the The Weeknd and G-Eazy. Meditation starts off with a simple, yet fun, percussive beat, not giving too many conflicting (or even complimenting) sounds at first. It’s just enough of a hook to get the listener in the rhythm. After the initial intro, the song pics up a bit when the rap comes in, joined with more synth sounds and additional percussion. The lyrics are everything you would expect from a rap song you could hear at the club: sex, drugs, drinking, you name it. Once the female vocalist kicks in, a new sort of dreamy, rolling layer of sound gets added to the mix. It’s a nice change from the male rap, but doesn’t disrupt the overall feeling of the song. Throughout the song there is a very slight change to the sound, but the underlying beat remains and keeps you moving to the music (or, as GoldLink would say, it makes you “shake the nerves off in the name of dance”). By the end of the song, the voices gradually fade out until we are left with just the instruments for a few seconds. But then, in the last 30 or so seconds, a mixture of voices start to become clear as you realize it is a fight. Finally, the song ends in a literal bang as you hear gunshots being fired, and then the song ends abruptly. It definitely made a memorable conclusion to the song.

Watch the unique animated video below after the Soundcloud link!

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