March 10, 2017


In the last few weeks, London artist Tom Misch has put some videos on Facebook, including new beats and writing sessions. Putting videos online isn’t new for Misch, the singer-songwriter/ producer/ DJ has been putting out videos of himself jamming and doing covers with fellow Londoners for most of his career. His network of artists, some from his hometown (or nearby) include Zak Abel, Sam Wills and LA musician Paul Castalluzzo. These new videos, however, seem to include more new material than they have previously.

The 21-year-old artist started playing the guitar at the age of 9. By 11, he was writing his own songs after getting a loop pedal. Over the years his sound has morphed from the introduction of new musical styles. It started with his introduction to Boom Bap hip hop and the stylings of producers like J Dilla. Then influenced by his friendship with Erykah Badu, whom he met through his older sisters’ boyfriend, he started listening to neo-soul. His intro to jazz and hip hop changed his sound further. At the age of 17, his combo of “J Dilla style beats, John Mayer-esque guitar lines and neo-soul” (according to his own Facebook bio) became the homemade beats he first put onto his SoundCloud account, created in 2012. After Berlin producer iamnobodi shared one of his tracks, Misch’s career truly began.

His first two releases “Beat Tape 1” and “Beat Tape 2” are collections of songs and beat sketches from 2015. in July 2016, Tom Misch released his first EP “Reverie.”

There isn’t any explicit reason for the videos, or at least a reason hasn’t yet been stated by Tom Misch. One can only hope that these are the beginnings of a full album, or at least another EP.

Keep up with Tom and watch the videos here

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