March 13, 2017


Ian Walters is not your average 6th grade teacher. While he loves teaching history and science in Oakland, California, his life’s passion is music. Since he was young, he always dreamed of making music, and that dream is finally becoming a reality. Walters, aka Headphone Hair, released his first ever EP, called “If this means you”, in 2016. According to him, his first project was “a way of reminding myself that my new seriousness has been about pulling away layers of old, unwanted identity, and using the creative process to discover more about who I am.” On February 17, 2017, Walter released another killer track called “Bleeding Game,” which he recorded in his very own classroom. The song is hypnotic, with an uplifting, spiritual rhythm that produces a soft, retro feel. It also features echoing vocals and a tasteful use of electric guitar, a combo that encourages the listener to get lost in cascading waves of enchanting beats. While recording in his classroom gave “Bleeding Game” a personal and meaningful dynamic, Walters has bigger plans for his next effort. He started a Kickstarter page with the goal of raising $15,000 to fund his very own studio album. Thanks to the support of his friends, family and YouTube followers, Walters has raised just over $10,000. While he only has a few weeks left to raise the rest, everyone who’s heard his music is confident he’ll get there. Check out Bleeding Game and see for yourself why donating is worth the cost! If you fall in love with Headphone Hair and want to contribute, visit his Kickstarter page

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