March 14, 2017


TOTEM, in his newest single “Up & Down”, explores the polarity between love and heartbreak. The catchy lyrics along with TOTEM’s impassioned vocals come together to produce a powerful pop tune that is ready for the radio. “Up & Down” is the singer-songwriter from New York’s first song release since his second EP “Echoes” came out in 2016. Frequency and Robert Marvin produced the beat on the track and it provides the foundation for the overwhelmingly infectious new song.

“‘Up & Down’ is about being in the middle of this tug of war between pleasure and pain.” Said TOTEM in an interview with TIME.

TOTEM has regularly been compared to the likes of other contemporary pop and R&B boys; Zayn and the Weeknd. However, it is not only their musical genre that they have in common. Like the others, TOTEM does not fit within the typical archetype of the music industry, as he is a first generation Indian-American.

Look out for more to come from TOTEM in 2017.

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