March 15, 2017


In 2016, Dante Leon, the rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer originally from Toronto, made waves throughout the music scene. He collaborated with Canadian Electronic Duo, DVBBS on the massively successful track, “Angel”.

He later went on to release the perfect summer tune, “Follow Me” as a solo artist. Now, Dante Leon is back with a new single titled “Desperately” and it is a standout from his past material. In contrast to Leon’s previous rap work, “Desperately” is a romantic ballad, rich with acoustic guitar and crooning vocals.

Upon moving to LA, Leon’s music career flourished and blossomed with opportunity. His focus broadened from rapping and solo work in order to include song writing and producing experience with artists like Cody Simpson, Post Malone, Roy Woods, etc. (1)

In an interview with Noisey, Leon explained how the song came to be: “The song was written collectively with a few friends in LA. We initially intended to shop this for a placement with a major artist but I was so attached to the song personally. I decided to work on it some more and release it by myself.”

This sound is quite different from the Dante Leon we used to know, and we’re not complaining one bit. “Desperately” is the first track off of Dante Leon’s upcoming EP scheduled for the fall of 2017.

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