March 15, 2017


“How does someone go from writing songs in their bedroom to having a famous song in China? Galen doesn’t know, but it happened to him anyway”.

American artist, producer and songwriter Galen Crew, has captured millions of hearts in China through his dream-like, fairy tale themed music. The Nashville, Tennessee artist has an ability to take you to a different world with his dreamy melodies and wanderlust lyrics.

Galen is living the dream of having his music naturally reach millions of people from his bedroom to countries, like China, where he has millions of plays on numerous Chinese streaming platforms such as: NetEase Music, Xiami, and Kuwo. He has toured China twice in the last year, once in May and again in October/November. Galen then returned to film the video to his latest single, “Fragrance”, which released on February 23rd, 2017.

Fragrance is the first single from Crew’s new album expected to release this year. The music video reached over 50,000 views in 24 hours in China as well as 7,000 in the U.S. China has continued to show their love and appreciation for Crew as he earns a spot in the top 10 “Soaring List” on NetEase.

You can keep up with Crew’s new album by watching behind the scenes footage on his YouTube channel here:

You can see how passionate and ambitious Crew is in creating and producing music. The way he speaks about his experiences with touring and gaining recognition truly reflects in his music. He describes the rapid response to China’s support as quite an “electric” feeling, one that he has never felt in his life. Producer Mark says that working with Galen is “exciting, fun and creative”. He then goes on to say that working with Crew isn’t just about making music for the sake of making music. It’s about telling the world that there is still something beautiful out there if you look for it.

Watch Crew’s journey in China and experience the energetic feeling he described in his new music video for “Fragrance” below:

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