March 20, 2017


Rudie Edwards’ “Lover Like You,” is a female empowered disco-pop song for the 21st century. The confidence of the British singer rings true through her lyricism, as well as her feel-good video dance party. It’s an upfront exclamation of sexuality, of knowing what you want and not being afraid to ask for it. Throttled by a beat that might as well have been torn straight from the 1980’s new wave period, and a guitar solo that reminds us people still know how to use their instruments, this pop song is one worthy of our attention.

The big-haired, sassy diva is all but inhibited in her latest music video. She lets her self move freely in a array of stylish outfits, and does not hold back on the glitter. The video features a few other dancers, who are dressed just as outlandishly as Edwards. Apart from the few other dancers and musicians, the video is fairly simple. The background is a series of changing colours- it ranges from light blue to hot pink and yellow, but the focus is on the characters themselves. It’s a complimentary image to the song. It is reminiscent of the disco age in its ability to stay fun and uplifting, but it allows for the spotlight to remain on Edwards’ message of sexual conviction.

“Lover Like You,” may be a personal statement for Rudie Edwards, but she also wants it to serve as a sort of wake up call for listeners. By putting out a pop song that doesn’t follow the same format of every other piece of music we hear today, she opens up the realm of possibility that is often stunted by our limited expectations. Edwards asks her fans to be uninhibited and ask for the things they really want out of their romantic relationships, but she also demands her own attention of her listeners by releasing a track that is not only catchy, but bold and inspired.

Check out the video for “Love Like You” below

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