March 24, 2017


LA-based alternative hip-hop duo, Taz Conley and Riley Taylor, or better known as The Seige recently dropped the music video for their song “Boing Boing.”

Unfamiliar with The Seige, prior to hearing “Boing Boing,” I decided to do a bit of research on the pair. It is apparent the two are the perfect collaboration, with Conley on vocals and Taylor on production. Comparable to Kanye West and Jay-Z in sound, The Seige brings political, controversial, and relatable lyrics to each of their songs.

This month, The Seige dropped Act 111: Atomic featuring three songs; one of which is “Boing Boing.”

The Seige presented their own homemade music video for the single. Deciding to save production costs and expensives, the pair worked together to produce their own video and song. The song was recorded, mixed and master in Taylor’s apartment complete with a fort of mattresses as a vocal booth. When it came time to create the music video, the duo kept to their process and directed, filmed, and edited the video all themselves.

The video features their conventional dark and aggressive aesthetic with dark skies and dark clothing in the main portion of the video; however, integrated in the video is some added wacky satire. From cheeky pokes at well-known political figures to the two mocking today’s biggest rappers, The Seige brings a sense of uniqueness.

“We just like to have fun here”, said Conley and Taylor in unison when referring to the tone of the new video, “we hope it makes you move and think at the same time.” The music itself, features an insanely catchy beat and although appears to mimic other mainstream rap songs, its unconventionally doing the exact opposite and putting a complete new twist onto the traditional mainstream rap genre. Mad props to The Seige for writing, producing and creating “Boing Boing” and its music video!

Watch the video here:

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