March 29, 2017


Zayn is back at it again, with another collaboration! Earlier this year, he released the still-very-popular track “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” with Taylor Swift, and now Zayn is back with a new track featuring PartyNextDoor.

The pair released “Still Got Time” last week and has already gained traction and entered Spotify’s Global 50 charts. “Still Got Time” kicks off Zayn’s sophomore album, which is due out this summer. Unlike Zayn’s debut album, Mind of Mine, “Still Got Time” is very laid back and summer-y. The track tries to encourages women to

“Just stop looking for love. Girl, you know you still got time.”

And ultimately repeats these lyrics the entire song with a smooth beat in the background.

The track initially didn’t draw my attention, but after listening to it a few more times, I definitely think this song will climb the charts. It’s a tropical beat, just something we all need while anticipating summer.

I admire how Zayn has explored and branched out as an artist since One Direction and this time with Canadian crooner PartyNextDoor. Sticking with the Canadian theme, “Still Got Time” might have been inspired by our very own Drake, or sure sounds like it anyways. Trop-pop vibes have been dominating the charts lately, and its definitely a smooth genre I’ll keep listening to!

Listen to “Still Got Time” here:

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