April 7, 2017


In Sweetsound’s track, “2 Drunk,” featuring Watson, the artist shows us how braggadocios he can be. He paints a night on the town that involves a club-raging, bed hopping world where everyone is drawn to him. It’s the age old game of girl-chase-boy, but even though Sweetsound can have anyone he wants, he has eyes for only one girl.

After all the “romantic” build-up, and a track that sounds like a Drake B-Side, if Drake ever admitted that he was “2 Drunk” for love, the artist flips his switch back to pomposity and sings about how tonight, love is not a necessity for him and his crush. He’s too drunk for that anyway.

It’s a song that is designed for the club. It has a good enough groove, and lacks enough depth to allow you to forget the responsibilities and vulnerabilities that come out when you really care for someone. It promotes the idea that you can bed a person you like, but you don’t have to give them too much of yourself. Either that, or Sweetsound is warning us that alcohol and romance don’t often mix too well- in more ways than one!

“2 Drunk” is a party song. It flanders ideas about nightlife and random hook ups, and adds in a little bit of misogyny to prove to everyone Sweetsound is still the alpha male in this club.

But, if you’re looking for a chill tune to throw on after you have a few drinks yourself, you can listen to “2 Drunk”


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