April 11, 2017


A collaboration between Producer/Keyboardist James Bowers and Vocalist/Trumpeter Audrey Powne creates a unique duo by the name of Au Dre. The pair delivers a daring musical taste by combining a range of influences from 80’s Disco/Dance to 90’s RnB with a little help of Detroit House.

The Melbourne based friends have released their latest single, “Lines” on Friday, March 31st 2017. The track perfectly demonstrates their deep musical connection with strong 80s boogie and old school RnB production.

Lines, written by lead singer Audrey Powne and produced by James Bowers, tells the story of the stakes involved in taking a friendship to another level. It is a relatable experience to many that Powne captures and describes saying,

“I think everyone has one of those friendships which foundation is flirting. I found myself in that moment at a party, after a few drinks where I could sense a friendship might be about to turn into a more romantic encounter… which was simultaneously exciting and terrifying”.

Au Dre definitely reveals these risks by mixing together two opposite musical tastes in one track.

Though the exciting contemporary production of 80s funk and old school RnB make the track bold and electrifying, the desperation of optimism in Powne’s vocals take away from experiencing the pivotal moment the duo is trying to capture. It is an interesting take to the mind of someone wanting more than a friendship; however, we could not truly feel how right the timing is that is portrayed in the lyrics. Her soulful and energetic vocals strongly communicated an intimate moment but took from the fragility of the friendship the pair was about to risk.

This is just the beginning for Au Dre, as they are already the exciting faces of Melbourne Contemporary RnB. We are looking forward to hearing more of their eclectic musical connection opening hearts and taking over dance floors.

Lines is set to launch in Melbourne at Boney on April 27th with Close Encounters and Raaghe. The duo have been playing numerous shows around Melbourne since their 2016 self-titled debut EP and we can expect their forthcoming later in 2017.

Take a listen to Lines here:

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