April 12, 2017


Harry Styles’ solo debut kicks off with his first single titled “Sign of the Times”.

Since the former band One Direction began a hiatus over a year ago, fans have been curiously anticipating each band member’s next step. The highly recognized name of One Direction was not the first of the group to release a solo like many expected; instead he took his time to deliver this powerful David Bowie and Queen inspired balled. Harry Styles proves that patience is a virtue by sharing his most proudly written piece.

We get to experience a different side of Styles from this debut. Slow-paced piano keys starts the song off and meets with Styles’ artfully capturing vocals— raw talent that couldn’t shed light at its full potential through a pop boy band. The lyrics portray loss and death—the grief and hardships of it. He represents these emotional issues with delicate lines: We never learn, we been here before / Why are we always stuck and running from the bullets? This cinematic ballad formed with guitar solos, crashing cymbals and croaky falsetto has surprised many listeners since he has secured his music in the studio after all these months.

There is no speculation on a release date of Harry Style’s debut album, however; BBC Radio 1, where Sign of the Times first released on air, announced it will be “very soon” and Sony Music CEO Rob Stringer leaves fans with a pleasing note:

“He’s here to stay”.

The deeply personal release has been played over 5 million times in less than 24 hours. You can find out why it was worth the wait by taking a listen here:

#harrystyleshesheretostay #indiepop

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