April 13, 2017


Artists are now partnering with popular streaming platforms to engage with their fans. Chance the Rapper is one of them. Chance collaborated with SoundCloud by inviting the top Chance listeners on SoundCloud to purchase tickets for his intimate, fan-based event, Magnificent Coloring World 2 that took place last Saturday in Chicago.

The marketing strategy seemed to have served its purpose as just days before the event, many fans on Twitter shared their excitement for receiving an email from SoundCloud which indicated that they are within the top .001% listeners allowing them to purchase tickets to the event that was to be held in an undisclosed location which created more suspense and more talk on social media. The number was based on user engagement (i.e. likes, listening, shares and reposts) on SoundCloud.

Rumour has it that this event may be featured on NetFlix but nothing is confirmed as yet.

Last year’s event was when his first album dropped in May and that generated the same hype. Fans were in for a surprise as they got to enjoy everything from bouncy castles, balloon animals and of course colouring.

Perhaps more artists will follow Chance. Seems like this is the future of connecting with fans in this digital age.

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