April 13, 2017


I think it’s about time we got ourselves a Coachella-inspired, Coachella-themed Coachella song. New City, a Toronto-based trio, are here to provide with their latest release, “Coachella.”

Before listening, I had assumed I was in for a desert-ready tune, but I wasn’t expecting the lyrics to follow suit. The production is fairly slow, which I’m not mad about. I can already imagine all of the molled-up, flower-crown-wearing ladies swaying in synch to the downtempo beat. New City makes great use of background vocals; the chanting only adds to the Coachella vibes. In their words, it’s “cool like Coachella, baby.”

Given the amount of polish, I’m surprised to learn that this is the guys’ debut single. The Toronto trio (Torontrio?) released the accompanying visuals for the track, and it’s precisely what I imagine a weekend at the festival to be like: affected eye sight from copious amounts of stimulants, palm trees, ladies with lollies, some swimming at a boujee AirBnB poolside and a some steamy make outs. And a gratuitous (but amazing) electric guitar solo.

Can’t afford to head out to the Cali desert? Worry not — press play and let New City take you there.

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