April 14, 2017


Geoffroy, Montreal-based singer-songwriter starts off the New Year on the right feet with the release of the video for his song Sleeping on my own. His single comes from his debut album “Coastline”, recently released on March 10th, 2017. Streamed over 1.3 million times on Spotify, we can assure that the singer might be sleeping on his own happily. The hook’s infectious vocal chops particularly stood out amongst other versions heard through the common trend in music right now.

Shot last November in Mexico, the video had on board director Didier Charette (Romeo & Elis), Geoffroy and DOP Guillaume Beaudoin. Only in the span of a week, the crew travelled through the state of Oaxaca, going through the mountainous town of San José del Pacifico and other villages, until they reached their end point, San Agustinillo on the coast. There, as the group adventured, they had the chance to get involved in the temazcal, an ancient and local tradition that include spirits to purify participants bodies with medicinal plants.

Sleeping on My Own, with its catchy and rhythmic refrain, portrays Geoffroy’s eagerness for escape and freedom, his search for solitude and spirituality, and perhaps his fear of commitment. Through the use of breathtaking, mesmerizing images, the video thoroughly illustrates his state of mind. Recently in Toronto for CMW’s Bonsound event, we hope to see more Geoffroy on tour.

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